the responsibility to serve and improve the communities



we hold a strong belief that among our main duties is operating responsibly toward our people, our clients, our communities and our environment.

Since the beginning, NORTH STAR GENERAL CONCTRACTOR INC. has embraced the responsibility to serve and improve the communities in which we live and work. This means not only protecting and preserving the environment, but also enhancing the lives of our neighbors. We think of it as creating the architecture for a better world.


We implement sustainable practices that reduce expenses for our clients, and reduce our carbon footprint for future generations. E&F is committed to protecting our global and local resources and incorporating environmentally friendly, safe practices and sustainability into our construction services when operation is feasible.


Because our people are the lifeblood of our company, we foster a safe, diverse and supportive working environment where teamwork and work-life balance are valued. By offering access to continuing education and training, we encourage employees to achieve career fulfillment and success during their time with us.


When it comes to our clients, we’re invested for the long haul. We enjoy providing solutions that not only maximize returns today, but also add value for years to come. We’ll continue to maintain our long-term relationships through ethical and sustainable practices that deliver payback, adding after-sales care to our services.

A new home is an opportunity

For you to believe
what they want and how you want.


Our Skills. Unparalleled management and organizational skills and an artisan's enthusiasm for craftsmanship.

Quality of Service. Our extensive list of satisfied customers attests to our commitment to quality and value

Our Experience. Attention to detail, forward thinking, and hard work are required on each and every project to achieve superior results.

When hiring us
What qualities? do we offer?

Highly trained staff with qualities based on honesty and responsibility.

Excellent communication with the client to meet your expectations.

Emphasize sustainability in order to make ecologically friendly projects that contribute to the environment and cost savings of our clients.

Use creativity and innovation as a common process in all our services for the development of unique projects

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