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2018 Architecture & Design Trends

Trends define a generation. In architecture, they create moods for the industry and determine how personal space may influence daily lifestyles. Before presenting our 7 current home design trends, it is important to clarify the difference between ‘trend’ and ‘fad.’ Often used synonymously, their meanings are quite different.

A trend is something that catches on. It has the potential to persist for decades in some cases. What confuses many people is that a trend and a fad often look very similar in the beginning. Put concisely: a trend will give direction and a fad is just a craze. At HMH, we have solidified a custom design style that fuses classic trends with modern elements to become our own special brand of interior design and architecture.

Now on to the architecture & design trends in 2016 that we are excited about! From sustainable materials to functional living spaces and art deco prints, here are 7 architecture and design trends in 2016: 

Bespoke Houses/Renovations

Often used in relation to men’s tailoring, this term can also be applied to a new home or renovation that has been carefully designed to the reflect the home owner’s personality and complement their lifestyle.

Small-scale cocktail bars, purpose-built quiet rooms and walk-in closets that could be found in a 5th Avenue fashion store are just some of the in-demand bespoke inclusions homeowners are seeking

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Open Concept

Gone are the days where every room had a door and four walls. Instead of traditional rooms, there are now implied spaces. Rooms are visually connected making a home feel larger. Rooms are defined by changes in the ceiling or floors, rather then walls.

These spaces connect to each other without obstructions creating minimalistic interior design. This concept can be applied to multiple floors creating an enlarging effect of the interior space.

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